Audience Research & Communications

API3 DAO Secondary Proposal Voting

We will undertake research to understand API3s target market; providing the findings to an external agency who will create a brand guide, while internally creating a communications strategy and delivering a writing guide based on the data.We will implement a pay-per-piece system to incentivize writers on the team.We will deliver templates to be used in slide decks and presentations.We will provide writing support to the teams across API3.

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At the time of the voting DAO had 42,995,270 shares staked, 6,449,290 shares are required for this proposal to be accepted

238,384 votes supported this proposal (0.554%)

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1.2022-11-22 20:19:4716,027,883StartVote
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2.2022-11-22 20:19:4716,027,883CastVote
Gas Used: 437683, Gas Price: 18 GWei, Est $9.16