API3 DAO Operations Proposal Cycle #9

API3 DAO Secondary Proposal Voting

Proposal for funding the operations team for the coming cycle up to the end of January 2023. Details of deliverables achieved, team restructuring and proposed path forward, plus details of upcoming deliverables and tasks for Cycle #9.

Transfer 56,779 USDC to 0x00128492458fdb7f50ffe655153bc91ae06e00f5

At the time of the voting DAO had 43,116,293 shares staked, 6,467,443 shares are required for this proposal to be accepted

207,943 votes supported this proposal (0.482%)

5,296,493 votes against this proposal (12.284%)

Voting History Log

Spent 0.0102146 ETH in fees, Est $12.70

#DateBlock NumberEventUserCastShares%
1.2022-11-16 10:23:4715,981,968StartVote
Gas Used: 464476, Gas Price: 13 GWei, Est $7.81
2.2022-11-16 10:23:4715,981,968CastVote
Gas Used: 464476, Gas Price: 13 GWei, Est $7.81
3.2022-11-16 16:37:1115,983,820CastVote
Gas Used: 124310, Gas Price: 20 GWei, Est $3.19
4.2022-11-18 06:40:5915,995,169CastVote
Gas Used: 107210, Gas Price: 13 GWei, Est $1.7